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sj big.JPG
shankar jaikishan full in white
Jul 22, 2008Shankar jaikishan in white suit.(bigger pic )

this pic by Shashank
jaikishan rafi.jpg
jaikishan with rafi during song recording
Jul 22, 2008jaikishan(left) with rafi during recording of a song.

Pic by Shashank
jaikishan with rafi4.jpg
Jaikishan with rafi prithvi
Jul 22, 2008Jaikishan ( in black suit) watches as Mohd rafi seeks Prithviraj's blessings !
jaikishan with Mahendra kapoor
Jul 22, 2008Jaikishan(left) with mahendra kapoor

Pic courtesy : shashank
Mukesh -  hasrat raj kapoor and others.jpg
mukesh Raj kapoor hasrat during SJ recording.
Jul 22, 2008Hasrat with mukesh raj kapoor and others during a SJ song recording.

pic by shashank
Naushad Rafi jaikishan.jpg
jaikishan(right) with naushad rafi_betterpic
Jul 22, 2008jaikishan(right) with naushad rafi

(better pic by Shashank)
Jaikishan rafi lata.JPG
Jaikishan with lata rafi large pic
Jul 22, 2008Jaikishan( standing) with lata and mohd rafi

large pic courtesy : shashank
Jaikishan with composers.JPG
jaikishan with other composers
Jul 22, 2008Jaikishan( seated below ) with other composer - Anil biswas, roshan, C ramchandra.

( pic by Shashank)
jaikishan with rafi2~0.JPG
jaikishan with rafi
Jul 22, 2008Jaikishan(2nd one) hugging mohd rafi.
(pic by shashank)
Jaikishan with rafi.JPG
shankar jaikishan live show
Jul 22, 2008Jaikishan with Rafi during Shankar jaikishan live. show held in mumbai in 1970

(pic by Shashank )
better jaiksihan saira rafi.jpg
jaikishan with hasrat saira rafi
Jul 22, 2008Jaikishan(black Tshirt) with Hasrat jaipuri and Mohd rafi and Saira bano

( pic from Shashank chk )
jaikishan with rafi6.jpg
jaikishan with rafi
Jul 21, 2008jaikishan( left) with mohd rafi
jaikishan with rafi hasrat and saira.jpg
jaikishan with saira rafi hasrat
Jul 21, 2008jaikishan(black shirt) with saira bano and mohd rafi and hasrat.
jaikishan with rafi minoo suman hasrat.jpg
jaikishan with suman rafi
Jul 21, 2008jaikishan( black t shirt) with mohd rafi and suman
Jaikishan with Rafi naushad.jpg
jaikishan with nausahd rafi
Jul 21, 2008jaikishan(right) with mohd rafi and nausahd
jaikishan with rafi shammi hasrat~0.jpg
jaikishan with hasrat shammi
Jul 21, 2008Jaikishan( on harmonium) with shammi kapoor and hasrat jaipuri and mohd rafi
jaikishan with rafi shashi hasrat.jpg
jaikishan with hasrat shashi rafi
Jul 21, 2008jaikishan( on harmonium) with mohd rafi and hasrat
jaikishan with Raj kapoor~0.jpg
jaikishan with raj kapoor
Jul 21, 2008jaikishan( black shirt) with raj kapoor at his pune farm house
shankar jaikishan with lekh tandon raja nawate shammi.JPG
shankar jaikishan with shammi lata etc
Jul 21, 2008shankar(3rd in back row) and jaikishan(1st in bak row) with lekh tandon(right) and shammi. lata is seated in front row !
shankar jaikishan with LP KA.JPG
shankar jaikishan with laxmi pyare and kalyanji anandji
Jul 21, 2008shankar jaikishan( in middle) with raj kapoor and kalyanji anand ji and laxmikant pyarelal
SJ article pic.JPG
article on shankar jaikishan
Jul 21, 2008shankar jaikishan article with pics.
SJ articlepic2.JPG
jaikishan death article
Jul 21, 2008Article on death of Jaikishan.
SJ dholak players.JPG
SJ dholak players
Jul 21, 2008shankar jaikishan dholak players
SJ with composers.JPG
jaikishan with composers
Jul 21, 2008Jaikishan(black suit) with other composers
shankar pic to Chander mehta~0.JPG
shankar solo
Jul 21, 2008shankar solo pic at his home studio
shankar playing harmonium.JPG
shankar harmonium
Jul 21, 2008shankar playing harmonium at his home studio.
shankar rafi late 80.JPG
shankar pic late70s
Jul 21, 2008shankar(left) with mohd rafi and others .
shankar sebestian2.JPG
shankar sebestian ali akbar
Jul 21, 2008Shankar(right) conducting orchestra. ustaad ali akbar playing sarod as sebestian watches !
Shankar sebestian everest.JPG
shankar everest
Jul 21, 2008shankar( on harmonium) with N S thapa director of Everest documentry. sebestian is conducting the orchestra.
shankar sebestian rias khan.JPG
shankar with rias khan
Jul 21, 2008Shankar recording song with artists rias khan on sitar and sebestian in bkgrd
shankar sebestian.JPG
shankar with orchestra
Jul 21, 2008shankar( right most) with sebestian conducting orchestra.
shankar with orchestra.JPG
shankar with orchestra
Jul 21, 2008shankar giving instructions to muscians
SJ article pic3.JPG
shankar jaikishan article
Jul 21, 2008article on Shankar jaikishan. in pic shankar talking to Lata
SJ article pic4.JPG
Article on Shankar jaikishan with pic
Jul 21, 2008Article on Shankar jaikishan with pic of Jaikishan(left) with Nausahd and Lata
shankar live andaz.JPG
shankar with sushma shresth
Jul 16, 2008shankar with sushma shresth during a live show !
shankar padma shri.JPG
shankar jaikishan padma award
Jul 16, 2008shankar going to receive padma shri award in 1968
shankar piano2.JPG
shanakr playing piano
Jul 16, 2008shankar playing piano at his home studio
shankar piano.JPG
shankar piano
Jul 16, 2008shankar playing piano at his studio- home
shankar pic to Chander mehta.JPG
Shankar solo
Jul 16, 2008Shankar at his home !
shankar jaikishan awara premier.JPG
SJ at awara premierre
Jul 16, 2008shankar(1st) jaikishan ( last) with Lata Nargis during Awara premiere
shankar jaikishan from filmfare.JPG
SJ filmare pic
Jul 16, 2008Shankar jaikishan pic from filmfare magzine
shankar jaikishan hasrat shailendra.JPG
shankar jaikishan hasrat shailendra
Jul 16, 2008Very Early pic of Shankar(4th) jaikishan(3d) with Hasrat(1st) and Shailendra(2nd)
shankar jaikishan on LataLP.JPG
SJ on Lata LP
Jul 16, 2008shankar jaikishan LP with Lata
shankar jaikishan padma shri.JPG
shankar with president
Jul 16, 2008Shankar with President of India during the padma shri award ceremony
shankar jaikishan raj kapoor.JPG
SJ with raj kapoor
Jul 16, 2008shankar(2nd) jaikishan( 1st ) with raj kapoor playing bagpiper in a live show !
shankar jaikishan roshan mukesh.JPG
shankar jaikishan roshan mukesh
Jul 16, 2008Shankar jaikishan( in the middle ) with Roshan(1st) and mukesh !
shankar jaikishan sharda rafi.JPG
shankar jaikishan sharda rafi
Jul 16, 2008Shankar on harmonium with Sharda and rafi .Jaikishan in bgrd.
shankar jaikishan team.JPG
SJ with ful team !
Jul 16, 2008Shankar jaikishan with full team enjoying few moments !
shankar jaikishan with hasrat shailendra.JPG
SJ with hasrat shailendra
Jul 16, 2008shankar(3rd) jaikishan(2nd) with Hasrat and Shailendra
kapoor family.JPG
raj kapoor family !
Jul 16, 2008
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